Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How it all began...

I was asked to help with a blog for a small business setup for a trendy clothing by non other than my sister. She wanted to have a site where it was free, easy to use, and searchable by her customers. Because it was a start up, she was not prepared to spend money on a blog. So I started with blogspot. Its free, easy to use (for uploading photos etc) and for a person who does not use a PC except when she has to read emails, she was happy with using blogspot. It took us a day to setup the account and another 2 days to start up the blog, upload photos, choose a template and a short write up. The includes a face to face training her on how to "use" the blog. She has now upgraded herself with a yearly charged domain name and she has a blog that also has a shopping cart. :) And after that project, I was approached by my family and friends to help them start up a blog. They are all now comfortable with updating, upgrading and beautifying their blogs themselves. :) So, instead of limiting my assistance to people I know, I thought I should start up something of my own with a very basic support at a very low price.


Hi, Im the blog creator. For those who wants to start a small business and do not know how to start up a blog, I'm the person you are looking for. My services are cheap and affordable. I charge RM150 for: 1) Basic account setup (ie with free blog domain names) 2) Training on account setup 3) Training on account maintanence 4) How to start up a blog 5) How to update your blog 6) How to beautify your blog Please feel free to email me at eviewan@gmail.com if you have a request and I will contact you for appoinments. There are a few blogs which I have created before today, I am getting approval from the owners first before I show them here.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Here are a few of the blogs which I started up for my clients before today. Some have obviously been changed and updated accordingly by the owners. 1)Pink Ellies Novelty Cakes; 2)Maneq-Maneq; 3)The Book Club; 4)Designer Bags for Less; dna boutique (A Malaysian Celebrity fashion house)

Sunday, September 9, 2012


If you have set up a blog or an account and your like to have a second opinion whether it is annonymously etc, I do give feedback as and when needed for free. Please note however, that if there are too many request coming in at one go, I will have to prioritise the requests.